What do we offer at MERIDIAN International School Grinzing?

The school consists of a pre-school, as well as a private elementary/primary school, both of which are run as all-day schools. In addition to the regular school lessons, classes of native languages for international students are offered from the first grade of elementary school. The international elementary school will be a publicly authorized private school and can therefore issue its own certificates. The class size is consistently limited to a maximum of 20 children.

The offer of the Meridian International School is as follows:

  • international pre-school class in preparation for the bilingual elementary school
  • private international all-day elementary school with two languages of education: German and English
  • additional native language classes in various languages (e.g. Chinese, Serbian, Bulgarian, Russian, etc.)
  • additional extracurricular activities in the fields of music, sports, creativity etc.

The Meridian International School will become one of the few non-denominational bilingual private elementary schools in Vienna.

Being an all-day school with bilingual teaching (German and English), as well as a school that offers additional classes to maintain the individual student’s native language, will give the students of the Meridian International School a clear advantage.

At the Meridian International School we welcome students of all backgrounds and denominations.

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