Our education concept provides the foundation upon which our social, pedagogical, didactic and entrepreneurial activity builds. We are aware that a concept is only as good as its implementation in a school and in corporate life – that’s why we do everything we can to live it daily.

Our goal is to empower our students in their cultural, linguistic and social identities so that they can:

  • develop into committed and self-responsible personalities
  • meet people, with other languages and cultures with openness, empathy and respect
  • understand and contribute as a citizen of the world in a global context and at the same time as a fellow citizen in their immediate living environment.

All-day school service

We try to accommodate the demands of modern families with active lives and offer a dependable and challenging all-day school service:

  • lessons with established standard hours
  • a lunch break
  • a supervised homework hour
  • additional supervision and extracurricular classes in the morning, afternoon and school holidays

For our students, the school is a place of learning and living. A place where they can feel challenged but safe to express themselves. A place where they can eat, play and work together, and learn to share, stand their ground/emphatic and prove themselves/resolute.

The extracurricular activities are held in German and English. This encourages students in their natural use of both languages.

Numerous studies confirm that bilingualism at a young age positively influences the learning process compared to monolingual upbringing. Multilingualism improves cognitive abilities and further strengthens the ability to concentrate.

Our bilingual elementary school provides a well-supervised and safe environment with a stimulating learning setting. Only teachers with German and English native background teach the children, with both languages being used in everyday school life.

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